Key Figures for selected countries

We have calculated the key figure “3/14 Growth Indicator” only if the total number of new cases within the last two weeks (the 14 days considered for the calculation) is at least 1.400 (average of 100 new cases for the last 14 days).

In case of the average increase per day (based on the last 3 days) we have only calculated the average increase if the number of cases three days ago is greater or equal 50.

Let us start with our favorite example: South Korea

For Italy we can observe a significant decrease of the key figures since 1st of March:

Further examples for some European countries (in most cases the y scale goes up to 80% (daily increase!); however, please note that a different y scale is used in some cases):

For Luxembourg we have an average increase per day of at least 30% until March 22nd. But at least the key figures are decreasing since March 19th.

In the USA we had a look at New York and California.

Some further countries: